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Mykolayivs'ka Church, the XIII century. Preservation #742 | Foto | Scheme 1 | Scheme 2 | Scheme 3
2 Mykolayivs'kyi Alleyway

The Mykolayivs'ka Church is one of the ancient Armenian buildings of the city. It is built in the place of much earlier one of the XI-XII centuries. Till 1811, it was called Blagovischens'ka Church. In 1672, it was ruined. At the beginning of the XVIII century, it was restored. At the end of the XIX century - at the beginning of the XX century, it was strengthened by the arc-boutants. It is stone, one-naved, one-apsed. The thickness of the walls of the Church is 1.5 m.
The internal volume is covered with a torispherical arch with four strikings and concha with one striking in apse. In the north-western corner the intraparietal stairs lead to the gallery. It is covered with a three-pitched roof with verges over the apse. There is a small wooden tambour in front of the central part of the western elevation.
The simplicity of the volume and planning design of the monument in combination with decoration aligns it with the interesting buildings of the late Romanesque, that resemble one of the early schools of the Armenian masters.

Справочник - каталог "Памятники градостроительства и архитектуры Украинской ССР". редакторы Л.В.Лотоцкая, Э.А.Полторацкая, Г.Л.Пономарева Издательство "Будівельник", г.Киев, 1986 год, 4 том.

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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