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Troyits'kyi Monastery, 1777-1838. Preservation #1643 | Foto | Scheme
2 Zarvans'ka St.

The first-rate (*) Sviato-Òroyits'kyi Monastery is located not far from the Wind Gate and makes up a corner of the block, near which, from the south-eastern side, there is Post Street, ànd from the north-western - Troyits'kyi Provulok. It is not known who and when founded it. There is only clear evidence that it has already existed in the XV²² century; because after seizure of Kamyanets' by the Turks in 1672, this monastery, along with other churches and Roman-Catholic Churches, was turned into the Moslem mosque by sultan Magometh IV, and had been in such condition till returning Podillia to Poland in 1699. In the plan of Kamyanets', made in 1672, it was among the number of another Russian churches, having been the Orthodox ones at that time. This fact proves that Sviato-Troyits'kyi Monastery has been founded by the Orthodox believers.

Under the Basilians this monastery had fundush capitals, bequeath to it by different owners, but after turning it into the Orthodox one the heir of the testators refused to pay interest under the pretext of that fundush capitals were left not for the Orthodox Kamyanets' monks, but for the Basilians. In 1809, the superior of Òroyits'kyi Monastery, archimandrite Stephan brought a suit against it, that last till 1834, and by definition of the Governing Senate, it was decided in the monastery's favour, that received 22 092 rubls of capital and interests: 72 1/2 kop. of silver and 14 019 rub. 6 kop. by banknotes.
On considerable part of that sum in 1836, archimandrite Nafanailg expanded and reconstructed the monastery buiilding by building on a two-storied stone wing with a warm church to it in honour of saint Antony and Feodosiy Pechers'ki, ànd in 1855, a renewal of cold church was finished.
Today, there are five celibate priests, one celibate deacons and 10 novice, besides the archimandrite and deputy in the monastery.

(*) It was ordered by the highest decree of April 12, 1795, to found the first-rate monastery in the principal town of province Kamyanets'-Podil's'kyi, in abrogated Jesuitical kliashtor; as that kliashtor was at that time a warehouse of state stuff, and moreover there were some public Roman-Catholic schools, then Sviato-Òroyits'kyi Monastery was set up in the Basilians' Roman-Catholic Church. The Jesuit kliashtor was demolished and the building of the province gimnasium was placed there.


Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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