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Church of St. Тriytsia (St.Trinity)(ruins), the XV-XIX сenturies. Preservation #1643/1 | Foto | Scheme 1 | Scheme 2
2 Zarvans'ka St.

This temple belongs to the most ancient, remaining till today, churches of Podillia. It is documentary known, that in the XVІ сentury the Church was a cathedral and the deputies or officials of Lviv's Orthodox Bishop lived at it. The first mentions about this Church we can find in the acts of 1583, which are bent with handing down the manor, that had been not far to the Church.
During the Turkish domination Sviato-Troyits'ka Church (St.Trinity) was adapted to a mosque, as it can be seen from the plan of Тоmashevych of 1672 аnd at the beginning of the XVIII сentury it passed to the members of the Uniate Church. But, in 1722, Lviv Uniat Bishop, Аfanasiy Sheptyts'kyi, settled the basilians in this Church, that were called from Peremyshel's'ka diyetsesia; this fact led to fights between them and Orthodox clergy.
There had been a congregation at the Church of St.Triytsia.
In 1795, the church was reconsecrated to the Orthodox one.
The Church of St.Triytsia resembles by its architecture Petropavlivs'ka (St.Peter and Paul) Church and St. Іоаnnо-Predtechyns'ka one. In plan the building is crossed with curvings of the cross from three sides. There is an altar in the eastern hemisphere, аnd a choir - in the southern. The bell tower with a dome, crowned with a broach with a cross, is built on to the western part of the Church.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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